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Hi, my name is Carlie

I am a budding fullstack software developer, who loves problem solving, being creative, and making an impact on this world.

Currently I am studying a Diploma of I.T. at Coder Academy, in Brisbane, Australia. We learn TTD and agile methodology. I was the Diversity in Tech scholarship recipient for my cohort.

Previously I have designed WordPress websites for small businesses; taught English in Japan; and designed, printed and cut stickers for planners.

I am passionate about supporting diversity in technology; mentoring and education; creativity; and collaboration.

I am usually the one in navy jeans and a pink jumper, thus the theme of this website! If you see a photo of developers in Brisbane and one is a blonde in a hot pink jumper - then it's probably me.


Purr Seasons Cat Hotel Booking - Ruby Terminal project

Purr Seasons Cat Hotel

A ruby command line MVP app for a cat hotel booking system.

Ruby Snake - classic snake game in the ruby terminal

Ruby Snake

The classic snake game coded in ruby, to be played on an emoji enabled command line.

Discord Programming Tutor Bot

Discord Programming Tutor Bot

This tutor bot has been coded in ruby and is designed to remind the user of programming syntax. So far it has instructions for git, javascript, ruby and vim commands.

I also have coded discord bots in python and javascript.

Moving Cat Game

Capture the Cat

Game coded in python - the aim is to click on the cat. The speed increases every time you do. If you miss, you lose one of your nine lives!


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Carlie Hamilton looking fabulous while doing a presentation

3 May 2019 - Coder Academy CA Callback

  • 'Become a Vim Wizard with Vim and VS Code'
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